Roller Blinds / E-Screens

Roller blinds, traditionally known as Holland blinds are now available in light filtering fabrics (E-Screens) as well as blockout fabrics. The are easy to use and are a very practical and affordable window furnishing to suit any home or office application.

Dual roller blinds are the most popular option nowadays as having an E-screen gives you privacy as well as a significant reduction in the sun glare whilst still letting light into you home during the day and the blockout blind allows you to blockout the light and provides privacy at night.

At Ushan Blinds & Screens we have a wide range of plain, printed & textured, blockoutand light filtering fabrics and a variety of finishes
for you to choose from.



All our roller blinds are fitted with chain controllers with durable metal chains. Where possible chains are also anchored for child safety reasons.

ur roller blinds can be “recess fitted” (installed within your architraves) or “face fitted” (installed onto your architraves).

If you are considering having both a screen blind and a blockout blind, we recommend having the screen blind recess fitted and the blockout blind face fitted to maximise your room space and to also have a greater blockout effect at night.

However, this option may not be applicable in all situations, therefore double brackets are also available if you require or wish to have both blinds either recess or face fitted.
Intermediate Brackets
When splitting a window into multiple blinds due to the size of the window or for convenience with sliding doors for example. Intermediate brackets are available to minimise the gap between two adjacent blinds.
Inline Link Systems
Inline link systems are available, which allows two blinds to be controlled by one control chain. This helps to eliminate having a free hanging chain on a middle blind where the chain cannot be anchored.
Pelmet Boxes
A selection of pelmet boxes are also available as an optional addition to complement your roller blinds including; standard aluminium pelmets, linea valances and bonded pelmet boxes.
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