Outdoor Blinds / Awnings

Canvas awnings are an economical way of shielding your home from direct sunlight. They help to make your home more energy efficient, and provide full UV protection and are a perfect defence against any harsh elements. They are ideal for exterior folding arm blinds and awnings.

The other benefits that they have include:

  • Waterproof, which means that they have the durability to be resistant to stain, mildew and also mould
  • Low maintenance as they are easily wiped clean
  • We use a Premium colour fade resistant pigmentation
  • Can retard up to 75% of the heat from entering your home
Outdoor Blinds Features & Options include:
  • Canvas or Aluminium
  • Butcher Blinds
  • Side winders
  • Spring rollers
  • Verandah blinds
  • Re-cloth
  • Large range of fabrics and designs to choose from
  • Fixed guide
  • Zip-Traks
  • 12 Months Warranty on parts & workmanship
Outdoor Blind materials include Brella, Somerton, Vistaweave, Clear and tinted PVC.
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