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Outdoor Blinds

Canvas awnings are an economical way of shielding your home from direct sunlight. They help to make your home more energy efficient, and provide full UV protection and are a perfect defence against any harsh elements. They are ideal for exterior folding arm blinds and awnings.

The other benefits that they have include:

  • Waterproof, which means that they have the durability to be resistant to stain, mildew
    and also mould
  • Low maintenance as they are easily wiped clean
  • We use a Premium colour fade resistant pigmentation
  • Can retard up to 75% of the heat from entering your home

Outdoor Blinds Features & Options include:

  • Canvas or Aluminium
  • Butcher Blinds
  • Side winders
  • Spring rollers
  • Verandah blinds
  • Re-cloth
  • Large range of fabrics and designs to choose from
  • Fixed guide
  • Zip-Traks
  • 12 Months Warranty on parts & workmanship

Outdoor Blind materials include Brella, Somerton, Vistaweave, Clear and tinted PVC.