Roman Blinds offer an alternative window shade, stacking evenly when being opened. Roman Blinds come in three different styles:

  • Classic
  • Tropicana
  • Pacific

All the styles can be custom made.

Classic Roman Blinds

The Classic Roman Blind, which can also be known as a Soft Roman Blind, is blockout lined. This type of blind creates a sophisticated and elegant look. Ushan Blinds doesn’t recommend Romans for Silk Fabric, Velvet, or upholstery fabric.

Tropicana Roman Blinds

The Classic Roman Blind has a more casual feel to it, but it is still elegant and is available in a wide range of Blockout and Light Filtering fabric.

Pacific Roman Blinds

Pacific Roman Blinds have half a round wooden batten on the front and rear of the blind that provides for a more contemporary look.

Our Roman Blinds are corded, and come with a complete standard cord lock, cleat and brackets that are ready for hanging.